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Videos for the Lion Rock distortion pedal

I recently recorded 3 short demo pieces to demonstrate the amazing Lion Rock distortion pedal from the Hong Kong based company, Scream Pro Audio. Here are all 3 of them! Enjoy.

If you want to check out the pedal, go here:


Student’s work: Toto – “21st Century Blues” Guitar Solo Cover



Nice attempt ! learning a solo by ear is a great way to learn. My student even tabbed it out and recorded it. wonderful~


Adding vibrato to a bent note

“…you’re essentially bending and releasing so it’s essential to continually reach target pitch accurately (you don’t need to drop back a whole tone each time though; a semitone often sounds better). The bending motion should come from a rotation of the forearm, rather than from the fingers alone.” (from “Bend it like Hendrix!” by John Wheatcroft, Guitar Techniques Oct 2011)