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Parsons Music: Guitar X Drum Legend Competition 2017

I am extremely honoured to be receiving such an important award – Champion of the Guitar Legend, Parsons Music: Guitar X Drum Legend Competition 2017 held on 29 Apr 2017.    A sincere thank you to everyone involved!

Photo credits : Parsons Band Club


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Videos for the Lion Rock distortion pedal

I recently recorded 3 short demo pieces to demonstrate the amazing Lion Rock distortion pedal from the Hong Kong based company, Scream Pro Audio. Here are all 3 of them! Enjoy.

If you want to check out the pedal, go here:

Black House

Baby please don’t you cry for me, well you know I’m still alive
But they locked me in a black house, and they said it’s a study class
Evaporation is the final destination
No explanation in a silenced population
This is my grave
Now that’s my fate
For I from the world disappear today
Hands of the state
So now they celebrate
For I with the truth gone forever
Baby please won’t you just stay safe, don’t let them see your face
Maybe you’ll learn the truth someday if the letters don’t fade away
I ain’t got vanished but no one hears what I say
I need no punishment and I need no education
There’s nothing wrong, there’s nothing wrong, the disappeared ones
May the wind wipe away tears from their eyes
Gone Forever
Gone Forever
#Black House