Bluesy rock guitar lick using thirds and sixths intervals

Check out this two-bar bluesy rock lick based on the use of thirds and sixths intervals.  As shown in the video, it works well as a fill-in to a rock riff! 



Breaking it down

The lick is in A Dorian scale (A B C D E F# G).  It starts with two nice sounding “minor thirds” intervals (E,G and F#,A in beat 1 to 3 of first bar) played back and forth. I like to highlight the beauty of the Dorian scale this way, which is the major sixth (F# in this case). 

Then it moves up the neck playing a series of sixths along the scale (from beat 4 of first bar till the end) .  Sixth is another cool interval that fits the blues rock context very well.  

Rhythm-wise, the lick is based on 16th notes but in “group of three” arrangement .  It is helpful to strictly follow alternate picking (down strokes on main beats, I.e. “1 and 2 and..”, up stroke on off beats I.e. “e” and “a”) to be rhythmic sound.

Gears: Quite a heavy distorted tone using AMT bulava pedal on an HnK amp!


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