Intro to the song Blackhouse by Tri-Accident

Trying my best to keep the guitar in position while tapping!

Getting Magnetized – Part I


Have you ever experienced something so inspiring that it makes you feel like… Ok now I know what I have to do in my life, that’s what I WANT TO BE.  Its like the cells and molecules in my body have been magnetized and polarized so that they all aligned in the same direction by the power of the inspiration.

I wrote the tune “magnetized” to describe these fascinating experiences happened to me.   It then became the debut song for my band, Tri-Accident.  It’s not only a great rocker to start a gig , but also a meaningful song to pay tribute to those inspirations that hit us at the beginning of our musical journey….without them we wouldn’t have started playing guitars and drums etc and joined a band!  The chorus goes like this “Something in you magnetized me, calling my name inside me, a little electron stream of your love will charge me up and spin me round”. 

I believe our musical journey all began in that way , and I hope someday we can magnetize others too!

What is your experience of getting magnetized by something or someone?

The photo shows some of my cassettes which I have kept since early 90s. It reminds me of my “magnetized experiences”  in that period.  I will share more about them next time.

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